MotorCam™ Bike DVR

MotorCam™ Bike DVR

MotorCam™ Bike DVR

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Capture Every Ride Unlike Before

The Pelarze MotorCam™ Bike DVR features a large 3” display screen that allows you to view and record footage from the front and rear of your motorcycle. The twin HD cameras capture footage in HD quality, making it perfect for creating upload-worthy content that you’ll love.

Just set it up, turn on your bike, and explore the world!

“I have always wanted to own a DVR for my motorbike, not just for recording my rides but also for extra security. The Pelarze MotorCam™ Bike DVR has everything that I need. It’s stylish, has amazing video quality even at night, and records parking footage, even when the bike’s turned off.” - Kenneth

Your Perfect Backup Plan

Featuring night vision and built-in collision sensors, the Pelarze MotorCam™ Bike DVR ensures that your videos are crystal clear whether during the day or night. This also helps as video evidence for insurance purposes in case of any accidents.

Make Riding A Stress-Free Experience

The Pelarze MotorCam™ Bike DVR features a wide-angle rear camera to ensure that there are no blind spots while you ride. And when you’re done riding, the cameras turn into a 24/7 parking monitor offering you extra security unlike before.

  • Compatible With All Motorcycles
  • Automatic Video Recording
  • 1080p HD Recording
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Loop Recording
  • Expandable Up To 32 GB

Designed For Any Adventure

The screen, cameras and the remote come with water and dust-proofing and a heavy-duty zinc alloy body, making the Pelarze MotorCam™ Bike DVR battle-ready, to accompany you on all your adventures.

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